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Hotel Suite d'Autore Art Design Gallery Piazza Armerina

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Suite d'Autore is part of the art-design category of hotels, where they display works of art in the interiors of the facility. The suites are beautifully decorated and offer fascinating surroundings, thanks to the paintings by Beppe Madaudo and the ever so unique pieces by Philippe Stack. The choices of these pieces depends naturally on the taste of who designed them. Suite d'Autore is a unique hotel that is distinguished from other art-design hotels because of the various displays of art, based on the diverse design themes dating from the early 900's to today: the geometry of the avant-garde , the lightness of the modern movement, the magic and irony of the Italian design, the extravagance between Pop and the "trasversale" fluidity. Each and every work of art has been meticulously projected and selected to communicate a precise era or movement or tendency. Therefore, the works of art (sculptures, photographs, portraits, objects, etc) can be intense like artifacts that express a theme based on the integrated harmony of an era.

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Suite d'Autore Art Design Gallery Hotel, Via Monte, 1 - Piazza Armerina (EN)

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